What to wear to an all-day conference/event

This is the post in which I attempt to be a fashion blogger. Let's see how I do.

The first thing any self-respecting stylist/advice columnist/fashion blogger will tell you when you ask about what to wear to a conference is, "Comfort is key". I would agree with them. If you're already nervous because you're going to have to put your networking face on and/or sit all day, you need to be comfortable. Tugging and pulling just doesn't convey Confidence.

Since I can only speak from personal experience, I'm going to talk about what I wore to the TEDx conference and what I learned from that. Here is a visual of what I wore (substract glasses, add a scarf)

Can't you see what you're doing to me.

Let's go from the outside in:

1. The Trench coat: Fall weather is often hard to predict. It might be sunny and warm one second, rainy and wet the next second. It was sunny, rainy and snowy during the same day we were at the conference. An outer layer  that protects against the elements is essential. Plus, it needs to be light enough to be carried around all day. It's never 100% guaranteed that your event will provide a coat check service.

2. The Light Sweater: You will be hot. You will be cold. You will be hot again. You will sit in cramped spaces (probably). You'll need a layer that you can easily put on and take off. Nothing itchy.

3. The Collared Shirt: I don't know, there's something about a collared shirt that just  makes me feel like I'm ready for business...or at least that I have enough confidence to handle any business that might come my way.

4. The light short-sleeve tee: (not pictured in this visual...should've picked a better visual). A cold day might require a light base like a black cotton short-sleeve t-shirt. Anti-wardrobe malfunction guaranteed. If it gets so hot that you need to take off your collared shirt (quite improbable), you're covered...unless your black shirt is see-through. Check before you leave.

5. Flats: Some girls are comfortable and feel confident in heels. I'm not one of them. I walk fast. I wear flats.

6. A scarf: Such a multi-purpose clothing instrument. Make it a colorful one and keep it on. It becomes a subject of conversation. Did you just make a new friend by talking about your scarf? I think you just did. It's cold? Keep it on. It's too hot? Take it off. Forgot your gloves? Loop it on and put your hands in the loops. There are no more chairs and you can't eat lunch standing up? Lay it down and sit on it. Play with it while you're waiting for someone to come talk to you (that's for you, fellow introverts).

And that is my take on Fashion Blogging and what to wear to an all-day event. Inspiring, no?

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    great blog !! Thanks for sharing !!

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